About us

Professionals Australia is a union, representing the industrial and professional interests of over 20,000 professional employees across Australia.

We provide members with industrial advice and support, access to a suite of professional development materials, career support, as well as a wide range of other services. We work together for a better future for our members, to ensure professionals get the respect, recognition and reward they deserve.

Our members work in engineering, IT, science, mining, pharmacy, management, architecture and translation and interpreting. We have divisions dedicated to servicing each of these groups. Find out more about how we can support you and your profession here
Our vision
We stand for fair, safe and inclusive workplaces and believe all employees should be recognised, respected and rewarded for their contribution.
Our commitment

Professionals Australia is committed to:

  • Excellence in member experience and services – including the highest standard of workplace advice, representation, and support.
  • Continual improvement and expansion of our services including providing access to high quality professional development and industry-approved accreditation and registration programs that help advance our members’ careers.
  • Being a force for positive change - advocating on behalf of professionals so they are heard by government and industry on the issues that matter to them and their profession.
  • Building upon the successes of past campaigns to continue negotiating improved salaries and conditions.
  • Making our members’ wages go further by providing exclusive access to discounted insurance, products and services.

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Our values

Our values are important to us and our members and they underpin everything we do to support our members.

Professionalism – We believe in the value of professionals and professionalism.
Solidarity and strength – We stand together and stand up for what we believe in, as we know we can achieve more together than alone.
Integrity – We are an independent, honest and transparent, member-owned and driven organisation.
Empowerment– We support and empower our members in all phases of their professional careers.
Diversity – We take action to strengthen diversity and inclusion in workplaces and the broader community.

Governance: for our members, by our members

Professionals Australia is a democratic member-led organisation. All of our key decision-making bodies are elected from, and by our members.
You can view our latest election results here.

Our key decision-making bodies are:


Constitution and rules
Click here for Professionals Australia’s Constitution and Rules.

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Professionals Australia is a contemporary and innovative union, representing the industrial and professional interests of over 20,000 professional employees across Australia.

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