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Professional Contractors and Consultants Australia is more than a union – we are also a professional association. We represent contractors and consultants right across Australia. We support you in your contracting arrangements and ensure your rights are protected. We are run for members by members.

What we do

We support individual members with workplace issues, provide access to industry-leading professional development and career support, as well as a wide range of other services. With over 20,000 members, we amplify your voice on the policy and industry-wide issues that affect you. We work together for a better future for our members, to ensure we get the recognition, respect, and reward throughout your career and life.

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Our Vision

Welcome to the Professionals Australia Contractors and Consultants group. Registration is free as part of your Professionals Australia membership. Professionals Australia recognises, as acknowledged by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), that independent contractors are governed by commercial law, while employees are governed by industrial law. We recognise independent contractors’ freedom to operate in the manner they choose where genuine choices exist. We recognise independent contracting as a wholly legitimate form of engagement where fair contract terms are in place, and the right of business to engage contractors to meet workflow peaks, overcome skills gaps and provide a level flexibility in their labour force where a permanent workforce is unavailable for this purpose. We also concur with the ILO that noted that while genuine commercial and independent contracting arrangements should not be interfered with, there is a need for mechanisms to ensure that persons within disguised employment relationships have access to the protections they are due at the national level.

In line with our contemporary approach to representing the diverse interests of our membership, supporting workplace flexibility and acknowledging the legitimacy of alternative forms of engagement, Professionals Australia provides a range of services and information to support independent contractors. These include advice on business startup, contract review by a lawyer, access to discounted Professional Indemnity insurance, advice on professional liability, a range of pro-forma contracts for service, advice on working through a labour hire agency, advice on the pros and cons of working through various business structures. Australians depend on our members for their well-being every day. Our members use their expertise to create, innovate and to build a stronger society. Read more


Our members use their expertise to create, innovate and to build a stronger society. We harnesses the strength of our membership to mount campaigns that change your industry and in doing so, change the nation. Through our members, we’ve built a stronger voice for your profession. That means our campaigns get heard by the decision makers that matter. Read more.


We bring contractors and consultants together not only to work for better wages and to ensure your rights are protected, but to help resolve the issues facing your profession. Read more.
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