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TfNSW and RMS Award Bargaining

The TfNSW and RMS Awards are in the process of being finalised. The Transport Secretary has written to the Unions to provide an undertaking that negotiations for priority matters will continue. The Hon. Jo Haylen, Minister for Transport, will attend the final meeting on 6 September to reaffirm the commitment that bargaining will continue once the Awards are ratified.

TSSM pay rise

Professionals Australia continue to meet with Transport representatives to discuss a possible solution. We hope to provide you with further information over the coming weeks.

Sydney Trains Engineering Registration and Recognition Policy

Sydney Trains and Professionals Australia launched our Engineering Registration and Recognition Policy on Friday, 1 September. This is the culmination of a four-year campaign to ensure that engineers are provided the support they need to get registered as Professional Engineers and to ensure that they are adequately rewarded for taking on the responsibilities of being registered.

This is a momentous win for engineers at Sydney Trains and for the whole Transport Cluster.

PA is working hard to roll out this support for engineering registration to Transport for NSW and Sydney Metro.

The clause negotiated in the Sydney Trains EA and the policy negotiated over the last 6 months will ensure that our engineers get the support, recognition and reward that they deserve.

The support for engineers that will be provided for by Sydney Trains as a result of the policy launched last Friday is best in class and further underpins the re-establishment of Sydney Trains as not only an employer of choice but places Sydney Trains on a trajectory to become a centre for engineering excellence.

The collaborative process of discussion with Sydney Trains representatives has been a refreshing experience with all parties working toward the common goal of supporting the vital work of Engineers.

PA will be rolling out briefings around the Sydney Trains network in the coming months. Please keep an eye out for a session at your workplace.

Engineering Matters Reference Group

The Minister has endorsed the Engineering Matters Reference Group as a mechanism for rebuilding Engineering Capacity and resolving the significant concerns related to de-engineering which has rapidly taken place over the last decade.

We are currently reviewing our draft Terms of Reference to ensure the purpose is clear and instructive and the right decisions makers are in the room. The Terms of Reference provides a reporting mechanism through to the Minister. We expect the first meeting to be held in the coming weeks.

Professionals Australia Visits

Professionals Australia is visiting TfNSW regional sites in September. See below for more details:

Wednesday, 6 September at 12:00 pm, Parkes Regional Office, 51-55 Currajong St, Parkes - L01.MR.06.

Thursday, 7 September at 12:00 pm, Dubbo Regional Office, Level 1, 188 Macquarie Street, Dubbo NSW 2830 – L1 CR.

Tuesday, 19 September at 12:00 pm, Wagga Wagga Office, 193-195 Morgan Street, Wagga Wagga - L3.MR.04.

Wednesday, 27 September at 12:00 pm, Ballina Office, 2 Boatharbour Road, Ballina – CR1.

Thursday, 28 September at 12:00 pm, Coffs Harbour Bypass, 182 Boambee Rd, North Boambee Valley – Miindalay MR.

Special Offer to Join PA

We are currently running a special offer for new members from Transport of 50% of the full rate for the first 12 months. If you have any colleagues who are yet to join the union, please forward this email to them and talk to them about joining.

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