Transport for NSW December Update - TSSM Win!

Recruitment Freeze Dispute 
Professionals Australia (PA) achieved a fantastic victory after Transport communicated its intention to freeze recruitment for many positions, including engineers. PA, in collaboration with the AMWU, AWU, RTBU, ASU, ETU and Unions NSW disputed the proposal. We successfully argued that engineers are critical to the organisation and ought to be excluded from the recruitment control measures. 
The matter is now resolved, and Transport has agreed to include the following roles in the hard-to-recruit category and are therefore exempt from the recruitment freeze. 
Roles with Engineer on the title, 
Roles that require Engineering qualifications, or 
Roles that sit within the engineering pay scale. 
Consultation Framework 
As part of the settlement of the Recruitment Freeze dispute, PA, RTBU, ASU, AWU, and AMWU were able to secure a consultation framework. This framework will ensure that unions are involved in the change process, outlining the responsibilities of Transport to meet with the Unions monthly and defining various levels of consultation as they progress through their operating model proposals. 
TSSM Pay rise 
PA has successfully challenged the application of the previously announced pay freeze on TSSM members. As a result, many TSSM members will receive a pay rise. This is a collective WIN for PA members, and we would like to express our gratitude to all of you for your continued efforts in achieving this success. 
Transport has advised that the increase and backpay will occur in the January 2024 pay run. 
Professionals Australia continue to focus on progressing our representation for the TSSM employees who did not benefit from the TfNSW decision. 
Engineering Matters Reference Group 
PA met with the Transport Secretary on Monday, December 4th, 2023, to discuss various issues, including the Engineering Matters Reference Group (EMRG) Terms of Reference. Professionals Australia aims to ensure that the EMRG attendees are executives/decision-makers. We have proposed that the Secretary chair the EMRG, which he has agreed to do. 
We are looking forward to finalising the Terms of Reference and commencing the meetings. 
Engineering Registration at TfNSW 
The working group's first meeting to negotiate the establishment of Engineering Registration at TfNSW is set for 11 December 2023. We are optimistic that the negotiation process will be smooth by aligning the Engineering Registration provisions with those achieved in Sydney Trains, with some necessary adjustments to ensure it is suitable for Transport. 
If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact Natty Osorio at [email protected]

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