Delays for TSSM increase are not acceptable! 

Professionals Australia have been attempting to work with Transport for months to find a solution to the proposed pay freeze affecting TSSM employees across the cluster. The NSW Government had announced a pay freeze effecting employees covered by SOORT determinations. TSSM operational and specialist employees were never contemplated by this pay freeze and do not sit within the SOORT determination classifications. 
Professionals Australia made representation to Transport for NSW, the then Acting Secretary, the Minister for IR, Minister for Transport and the NSW Treasurer, we were advised that Transport would work with us to find an alternative solution. 
Our members have very patiently waited while Transport have gone back to the drawing board several times. The delays have now meant that some employees who fall within the TSSM bands at Transport for NSW have not received an increase, but some Award covered members who are currently acting in higher graded positions have outrageously suffered a pay cut following the recent Award increases. 
Transport for NSW assure us that they are working on further principles to propose to Professionals Australia, the ongoing delays are not acceptable. Our members feel disrespected by the bureaucracy at Transport and their inaction is compounding the sentiment at a time when professional, technical and engineering experience across the cluster is vitally important to maintain, harness and grow. 
Professionals Australia intends to urgently write to the relevant Ministers requesting their intervention to assist with progressing what Transport clearly cannot. 

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