Issues around hybrid work 

While some workplaces do require physical attendance at work by virtue of the actual work being done, many modern contemporary workplaces are moving to distributed work, where the location of work becomes unimportant and the traditional workplace is used strategically for specific purposes such as specific in person collaboration or major team events.  Gone are the days of presenteeism. 
Companies like Atlassian, who have teams anywhere, meaning you can literally work from any location you can get to, internationally are showing the way forward. In Government both Water NSW and Transport for NSW had exceptional positions on distributed work during Covid, and Water NSW has created new model norms around this that we use to leverage other employers.  
However, despite Transport starting so well, across cluster we are seeing people being directed, encouraged or perhaps even coerced to move back to the traditional worksite.  Arbitrary work from the office days, fixed ratios of attendance are suggested, with varying levels of insistence.  
We’d like to hear your experiences and get your thoughts and so we are asking all members to complete the below short survey. 

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