Terms and Conditions

To the National Secretary, Professionals Australia:

I wish to apply for membership of the Association, and I agree to be governed by the Association’s Constitution and Rules. I declare that the information provided by me in completing this form is true and correct. I understand that if I wish to cancel my membership at any time I must do so in writing, by emailing [email protected] or by post to GPO Box 1272 Melbourne VIC 3001. Non payment of membership does not indicate my intention to cease my membership with Professionals Australia.
Payment Authority (for Direct Debit)
Upon choosing Direct Debit as my payment method, I confirm that the details I give are true and correct and authorise Professionals Australia to debit my account in accordance with my nominated payment frequency. I understand that my direct debit arrangements and membership will remain in force until cancelled in writing by me.

I note that subscription rates do change from time to time and Professionals Australia will make every effort to advise me of these changes, using the contact information I have provided. I will advise Professionals Australia of any changes to my account or contact details, or any changes to my circumstances which may affect my subscription rate.

Bank direct debits will be made on the 20th of the month and credit cards on the 1st of the month (or next business day). Quarterly deductions are processed in June, September, December and March.

Professionals Australia is the trading name for the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers Australia (APESMA) and will appear as such on transaction records.
Privacy Statement
Professionals Australia respects your privacy. Personal information will be used solely for the provision of Professionals Australia services to you. At times this may involve disclosing relevant information to a business partner, under strictly controlled conditions, in order to provide you with the full range of member benefits. For more details view the full privacy statement.

Membership Fees Refund

Policy Purpose
The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Outline when members are entitled to a refund of their membership fees and
  • If a member is entitled to a refund, how much they are entitled to.
Professionals Australia receives fees from its members through different methods including:

  •  Payroll deduction
  •  Monthly direct debit – through a bank account or credit card
  •  BPay
  • Credit card payment in full
When joining Professionals Australia, a member must fill out a membership form and specify how they wish to pay their fees. They also sign this form, giving Professionals Australia permission to process these fees on an ongoing basis.

If a member wishes to resign from Professionals Australia, they must provide notice of their resignation in writing to: [email protected] 

The resignation will take effect on the date the written resignation is received by Professional Australia unless a later date is requested for the resignation to take effect.
A refund will only be paid where membership fees have been paid by the member in advance of the date of their resignation from Professionals Australia. The estate of a deceased member may also seek a refund from the date the member died.

Members are responsible for informing Professionals Australia of any changes in their employment circumstances that affect their membership. Members need to communicate these changes in writing to [email protected].

Changes to membership will be effective from the date written notification is received by Professionals Australia.

A refund will not be provided if a member fails to inform Professionals Australia of their resignation and further fees are deducted via direct debit (Bank/Credit Card) or payroll deduction. This includes resignations that are received on the scheduled day of direct debits.

Members who have opted to pay their membership fees via salary deduction must notify their employer’s payroll department to cease deductions when they have resigned from Professionals Australia as we are unable to refund these payments.

If a member fails to inform Professionals Australia about changes in their employment or educational circumstances, such as a change in hours or change in role or continuation of full time study, which entails lower membership fees, a refund will not be made. However, on request up to three months excess overpayment of fees may be credited to the member’s account as a prepayment for future membership fees.

The only exception to the refund policy is to accommodate instances of circumstances resulting in a failure to notify the union accompanied by pronounced financial hardship. For a member to receive a refund on this basis, the member must:

  •  Make an application in writing (to [email protected]) setting out the circumstances for the failure to notify the union and current financial hardship with supporting documentation. The application must be approved by the CEO or the relevant Director. The maximum obtainable refund under such circumstances would be 12 months.