A huge thank you to our members!

Since the commencement of our campaign to Engineer a Better NSW, engineers and supporters throughout NSW have joined forces to put the concerns of professional engineers at the front and centre of politicians' minds in the lead-up to this weekend’s state election.

Hundreds of Professionals Australia members have completed surveys and have come together in their workplaces and online to discuss the challenges facing engineers working in NSW. This has resulted in a huge number of letters and emails being sent to MPs outlining our concerns, and more than 30 meetings have been held with politicians from across the political spectrum to seek their support for the crucial reforms that we are campaigning for.

This exceptional engagement from members has worked!

Prior to the NSW state election, the NSW Labor Opposition gave its broad support for our key reforms and has committed to working closely with Professionals Australia to rebuild NSW’s engineering capacity as a matter of priority should Labor be elected to government on 25 March 2023.

By raising our voices together we have made sure that the concerns of engineers are now firmly on the political radar.
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