Ask your MP to support Professional Engineers

We’ve asked our members and supporters about the key challenges facing engineers in NSW and what they think the solutions are. Now it’s time to put those solutions to the government and call on MP’s from all political parties to Engineer a Better NSW by supporting five key reforms needed to get you, our professional engineers across NSW the respect, recognition and reward you deserve.

Through the campaign, we’re calling for FIVE key reforms:

  • A statutory, broad-based engineer registration scheme
  • The appointment of a Chief Engineer for NSW
  • Improvements to wages for qualified engineers
  • Action to address the skills shortage
  • Funding-based cadet and graduate programs on all government infrastructure projects

To make these reforms happen, it’s time for you to get involved.

With a looming state election on our side, it’s critical your elected representatives hear from you and your colleagues about the critical changes that are required to rebuild the engineering capacity of NSW and unlock the social and economic value added by engineers to our lives and our lifestyles.

To assist, we have developed a tool to help you send an email to your local MP and encourage them to support the Engineering a Better NSW campaign in just a few clicks.

It is time to get the concerns of NSW engineers on the political agenda.

Write to your MP here
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