PA members vote up Sydney Trains EA

After a very public 2-year campaign, union members at Sydney Trains have secured a new Enterprise Agreement (EA) with a 93% yes vote.

This win was only possible thanks to every union member and delegate, contributing their time, resources and passion to a fair and safe outcome for workers.

Special mention to PA delegates Peter, Allen, Sarkis, Ajit, Warren, and Kenny as well as Geno and Yuvraj. These leaders laid the foundation for the successful outcome through many hours of discussion, planning and turning up to those difficult meetings. Show your appreciation for your delegates when and if you see them!

This win came off the back of the struggle of members and delegates against a hostile employer. Members should be proud of what you have collectively achieved over the past 2 years!

The agreement sees the state wages cap arbitrated by the Fair Work Commission and sees improvements for many members beyond the headline minimum pay increases.

The EA also secures:

  • Protection of entitlements on Transfer
  • Engineering and CPD support
  • Enhancements to the CTC component of the Deed
  • Family and domestic violence support and leave
  • ESRA payments
  • LAHA improvements
  • Arbitration of the wage outcome
  • A better deal for cleaners
  • Modifications to ensure the NIF is safe

Congratulations to all members who took part.

With some great new conditions, disputes and bargaining starting again at the end of this year, there is no better time to join, or to ask a colleague to join.

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