Incidents of infrastructure waste

Thank you for taking interest in engineering Better Infrastructure for Australia, by confidentially sharing your experiences of waste. The form below has been created as a guide to help you put your experiences into words.

Importantly, we will remove any and all identifiable characteristics from the information you provide, and ensure that your confidentiality is protected.

We know waste is occurring, we know what is causing it, and we have a pretty good idea of what the solutions are – these are all detailed in the Better infrastructure policy.

Unfortunately, this information alone isn’t enough to change the minds of the decision-makers. To engineer change, we need to provide real, tangible examples.

If you’re sick of the waste, and want to engineer better infrastructure outcomes for Australia, we ask that you tell us your experiences of waste below.

If you’ve come across multiple wasteful projects, feel free to fill out the questionnaire as many times as necessary.