survey_reports icon 2015Since 1974 Professionals Australia has been conducting detailed remuneration surveys of our large professional groups.

The results are available online to members and/or subscribers (Engineer, IT, Scientist and Pharmacy surveys only). All surveys are conducted annually. There are no better, nor any more up-to-date, guides on remuneration for professionals..

Salary survey reports for members

The approach to salary negotiations differs between workplaces. Nevertheless, it is important to remember in any salary negotiation that pay increases are rewards for performance

and reflect the value the employer places on the individual staff member. At the most basic level you need to do your preparation to understand what you’re worth relative to others doing a similar job in the same market. Having an evidence-base or benchmarking guide can be the key to successfully negotiating an increase in line with what the market is paying. You should consult the relevant salary benchmarking guides including those of Professionals Australia to ensure you’re across what the market is paying for someone at your level. You can reference the relevant benchmarks from this page and read our Guide to Negotiating a Salary Increase here.

Salary survey reports for corporate subscribers

For organisations which rely on engineering, science and technology capability, recognition and reward strategies that will over the longer-term ensure a sustainable, responsive and adaptable workforce are critical. The Professionals Australia remuneration survey reports are an invaluable HR tool for organisations in that they provide a a detailed overview of remuneration levels to help attract and retain their top talent.

The reports can be purchased for between $330.00 and $440.00 (inc. GST), or for the member discounted price of $99.00. These are the most up-to-date and detailed reports on professional remuneration available, providing in-depth analysis by responsibility level, job function, qualification, industry, and more! Analyses include a breakdown of components of remuneration including superannuation, non-cash benefits like vehicle, and performance bonuses.

Because the report is tax deductible for members the real cost is even lower.

Salary Calculators

Purchase of the Professional Engineer, ACS or Professional Scientist Remuneration Survey Reports also entitles you to free access to the survey data online via our website. The data is presented as a downloadable PDF, as well as a fully-customised, interactive version of the printed report. Users can select their own categories to perform even more in-depth analyses. The salary calculators can also identify where in the market a given base salary lies, by allowing a reverse search by salary.

When purchasers receive their copy of the survey report, a unique username and password is also supplied to access this online resource. Financial members can access the online versions of the reports free of charge.

To Order

To purchase a survey report, select the report you want below – you can order online by credit card. If you need to use an alternative payment method, or have any questions, contact our Surveys Unit on (03) 9695 8839 or mailto:email