Respect, Recognition and Reward for every stage of your career.

Work Insurance.

We know your career is more than a pay packet, but our work insurance gives you financial peace of mind.

Professionals Australia operates as your insurance for work, with fully qualified lawyers on hand to give you workplace advice and support and to act on your behalf as needed. We also represent thousands of members in workplace bargaining and cover you for accidents on your way to and from employment with journey insurance.

  • Our qualified lawyers offer workplace advice, support and representation.
  • We undertake workplace bargaining to protect and advance your salary and conditions.
  • Journey insurance as you travel to and from work. With most workers compensation schemes no longer covering members who suffer injuries while in transit between home and work, our Journey Insurance has you covered.

Career advancement.

We help you get ahead.

Market rates for your profession and a tailored individual market rates service let you know exactly what you’re worth to give you the best leverage in negotiations.

A range of networking events and seminars are available and we provide industry briefings, employment outlooks and resume reviews.

A tailored career coaching service, Continuing Career Development (CCD) helps our young professional members get the tools, tips and training they need to get jobs to progress their careers.

One on one career coaching helps build a member’s professional reputation, market intelligence ensures members hear about opportunities and our training modules provide professional development and on completion, a Certificate of Professional Practice.

  • Know what you’re worth and use it to advantage through market rates information.
  • Industry briefings, employment outlooks and resume reviews give members a competitive edge.
  • CCD, a career coaching program for young professionals helps them into the workforce:

Additional Information

Webinars and Seminars
Resume reviews, interview training and contract review
Industry Briefings
Salary surveys and Individual Market Rates

Get the respect you deserve.

We work together to lift the standing of professionals and by doing so, get them the respect, recognition and reward they deserve for the vital roles they play in Australian society.

To do this, we run member driven campaigns and advocate for professionals to government and industry.

  • Advocate the value of professionals and the work they do through member driven campaigns.
  • Lobby government on behalf of members.

Professional recognition.

Accreditation lifts the status of professions.

Our Continuing Professional Development program allows our members to stay at the leading edge of industry practice.

Registered Professional Engineer of Professionals Australia (RPEng) focuses on quality, affordability and a streamlined process as the new and growing choice in accreditation for engineers.

Professionals Australia has been approved to operate an assessment scheme by the Queensland government, which assures quality, and enables members to be a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ). RPEng provides members recognition that they are competent professionals.

  • RPEng is the new mark of quality in engineer registration in Australia,
  • CPD is affordable, accessible and keeps you up with industry best practice.

Member rewards.

Join to make sure you get the most from your pay packet.

We offer savings on professional indemnity insurance for self-employed members and we offer free financial planning seminars to help you plan your future.

Registered Professional Engineer of Professionals Australia (RPEng) focuses on quality, affordability and a streamlined process as the new and growing choice in accreditation for engineers.