We know that there are challenges for international students looking for work in Australia and we put a focused effort in helping our international members overcome those challenges. Over the last decade the Professionals Australia Careers team has helped thousands of international students to find employment and residency in Australia.

International student job search is tough. But it absolutely isn’t hopeless.

The first thing you need to know is that the reason most employers are reluctant to hire international students or graduates is because they have three fears: Poor Communication Skills, Instability and Inadequate Local Industry Knowledge.

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Now just stating in your CV that you have amazing communication skills and that you know a lot of local trends isn’t sufficient. So how do you handle this?

Every member of the YPA careers team has significant experience helping international students;

  • Demonstrate their communication skills
  • Prove their intention to stay
  • Prove their local knowledge

Once we tick these boxes, international students are put back on a level playing field with Australians in the job market. Let us show you how.

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P.S. - If you need help with visa applications we provide free assessments and support.”
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