Who we are
Professionals Australia is a union representing the industrial and professional interests of over 20,000 professional employees across Australia.

Our members include engineers, pharmacists, managers, IT professionals, scientists, architects and translators and interpreters and they work in both the private and public sectors, across a diverse range of industries.

We stand for fair, safe, and inclusive workplaces. We support and empower our members to thrive in all stages of their careers and believe that communities, business, industry, and the economy thrive best when professional employees are recognised, respected, and rewarded for their contribution.

Our mission

Our mission is to advance the interests of our members so they can achieve their professional goals and secure better employment outcomes.

Through our collective influence and by providing tailored workplace and career solutions, we help our members achieve personal and professional recognition, respect and reward throughout their careers.

Our values

Our values are important to us and our members and they underpin everything we do to support our members.

Professionalism – We believe in the value of professionals and professionalism.
Solidarity and strength – We stand together and stand up for what we believe in, as we know we can achieve more together than alone.
Integrity – We are an independent, honest and transparent, member-owned and driven organisation.
Empowerment – We support and empower our members in all phases of their professional careers.
Diversity – We take action to strengthen diversity and inclusion in workplaces and the broader community.

Governance: for our members, by our members
Professionals Australia is a democratic member-led organisation. All of our key decision-making bodies are elected from, and by our members. You can view our latest election results here.

Our key decision-making bodies are:

Constitution and rules
Click here for Professionals Australia’s Constitution and Rules.

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Professionals Australia is a contemporary and innovative union, representing the industrial and professional interests of over 20,000 professional employees across Australia.

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