Professionals Australia is dedicated to providing the services and advice you need to get ahead in your profession and build a fulfilling career.

Joining Professionals Australia isn’t just about having someone in your corner when you need help. Professionals Australia offers members opportunities for accreditation and continuing professional development, as well as a wide range of services and benefits.

What’s more, Professionals Australia provides members with a strong, collective voice to campaign for better pay and working conditions.

Here are a few more good reasons you should join Professionals Australia:
Legal and industrial representation and advice
If you have a workplace issue, we are here to help. Our team of lawyers and industrial officers offer expert advice on your wages, conditions and your rights. Find out more here.
Professional development and member benefits

Members can access to a wide range of continuing professional development opportunities and industry-recognised accreditation programs.

Member savings

Member's can benefit from discounts on groceries, fuel, cinema and consumer goods at some of Australia’s largest retailers, as well as savings on a range of insurance policies and financial planning advice.

Public advocacy and campaigns
Professionals Australia provides advocacy, partnership and support to professionals.

Below is a snapshot of some of our recent campaigns:

  • Engineering a Better Future NSW: We examine the biggest issues preventing the successful rollout of infrastructure and related services. Our report offers a range of solutions which we are taking to governments around the nation. Find out more here
  • Graduate to a Fairer Wage Campaign: Pharmacy owners must pass on the Covid-19 vaccination payments and profits made from the pandemic to employee pharmacists and technicians who are on the frontline. Find out about how to help keep pharmacies safe here
  • Pharmacists under pressure campaign: Pharmacists across Australia have played a vital role in supporting the community throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Find out about how to help keep pharmacies safe here
  • Translators and Interpreters WHS Hub: Under Australian law, all workers have a right to a safe workplace, but unfortunately our language professionals are often put at risk at work – find out more here.
  • Lead the Way Campaign – Australia’s veterinary industry is in crisis. Veterinarians across the country are overworked, underpaid and facing difficult and dangerous working conditions – read about the steps we are taking to improve the industry here.

You can find more information about our campaigns here.

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