About the Gender & Diversity Group

Professionals Australia’s gender and diversity work is central to delivering proper respect, recognition and reward to all of our professionals.,

Professionals Australia is committed to promoting the work of women and our members from diverse communities across our sector. By broadening the mix of those working in engineering, science, IT, architecture and other technical professions we will realise our national innovation capability and productivity potential.

To do this, we need to look at ways to tackle entrenched biases in work practices, provide flexible work arrangements that facilitate participation and inclusion, and address cultural impediments to attracting and retaining as diverse a workforce as possible. These are matters not only of justice and equity but of labour market supply and improving the nation’s bottom line. For more information on how we support gender and diversity for professionals click here.


Professionals Australia’s gender and diversity work

What are the goals of Professionals Australia’s gender and diversity work?
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Unconscious Bias

Professionals Australia’s commitment to gender and diversity initiatives is evident in our work across professions and divisions. Read more.

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