About the Ambulance Managers and Professionals Association (AMPA)

The Ambulance Managers and Professionals Association (AMPA) is more than a union – we are also a professional association. We represent non-operational professionals and operational managers employed at Ambulance Victoria. We are your voice at your workplace and we are run for members by members.

Who we are

The Ambulance Managers and Professionals Association (AMPA) is the union that represents non-operational professionals and operational managers, employed at Ambulance Victoria.

AMPA is part of Professionals Australia, a union representing professionals from a wide variety of disciplines.

What we do

We support individual members with workplace issues, provide access to industry-leading professional development and career support, as well as a wide range of other services. With over 20,000 members, we amplify your voice on the policy and industry-wide issues that affect you. We work together for a better future for our members, to ensure we get the recognition, respect, and reward throughout your career and life.

You can find out more on how we support your industry here.

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