Professionals Australia offers a substantial range of support and resources to help you get ahead at every stage of your career.

We understand how important professional development is to advance your career and to maintain your professional accreditation or registration.

All of our CPD is included as part of your membership and you get access to industry experts and career coaches to help you progress your career.

Our members can access professional development via face-to-face member sessions or online through webinars.

Members can also earn CPD points by writing articles, hosting webinars or member development sessions for fellow members. To find out more or express your interest in contributing to our Professional Development Committee, email us at [email protected]

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Registered Professional Engineer of Professionals Australia (RPEng) is the professional engineer accreditation program established by the Association of Professional Engineers Australia (APEA).

RPEng provides degree-qualified engineers with a more affordable and practical alternative to other accreditation programs out there.

As an assessment entity for the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ), APEA has the highest professional standards. 

For more information visit our RPEng site here.

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Our three-part guide provides you with an overview of the different forms of salary and remuneration, and detailed information to help you negotiate and secure your best salary.

  • Types of salary arrangements
  • Salary review and your market value
  • Creating a strategy
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Career Services

Professionals Australia membership provides access to the right support and advice to help you build a rewarding and successful career.

Whether you need help finding your first job or the next challenge, we can help.

We offer a range of information, advice and tools designed specifically to help you reach your goals, including:

  • Guide to vacation work - vacation work is generally your first chance to experience what working in your chosen career really will entail and this guide will help you navigate your first step in a great career.
  • Working & living overseas - our guide gives you the right support and advice, so you can build a rewarding and successful overseas career.
  • Network guide - 70% of job seekers source their new role through networking – learn more about this valuable tool.
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Resume Reviews

Job interviews and performance reviews can be challenging, even for the most experienced employees. Members of Professionals Australia have exclusive access to a range of services, resources and guidance from experts who know what employers are looking for in an applicant or during a performance review.

Join today to access these popular resources:

  • Perfect your resume
  • Mock interviews
  • Position description preparation
  • Professional career guide
  • Work ready guide
  • Guide to performance reviews
  • Essential interview skills
  • Salary negotiations
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Professionals Australia has a range of support and resources to assist you in your management role including:

  • Member discounts and scholarship opportunities
  • Management guides on a vast range of topics, including financial management, motivation and teams, and managing performance;
  • Management insights;
  • Management ready - a self-assessment tool for professionals.

To access these guides, become a member of Professionals Australia.

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