Enterprise Agreements

Enterprise agreements (EAs or sometimes known as enterprise bargaining agreements or EBA’s) set out minimum employment conditions and can apply to one business or a group of businesses. Agreements are reached between employees and the employer and set out your salary and conditions of employment above minimum national standards.

Professionals Australia can negotiate these agreements on your behalf or on behalf of yourself and other employees in your workplace. Enterprise agreements apply to many members across many professions and industries. Our experience, expertise and legal knowledge in this area ensures that members receive better outcomes on their wages and conditions.

To discuss how you and your colleagues can improve your wages and conditions call us on 1300 273 762 or email [email protected]

Remember, the more members Professionals Australia has in your workplace, the greater your collective strength in negotiating enterprise agreements with strong wages and working conditions.

What are the benefits of Enterprise Agreements?

Enterprise agreements can be tailored to meet the needs of employees and the employer in a specific enterprise.

This can result in productivity improvements for the business and a fairer share of the financial benefits of these improvements shared with employees.


Could I get an enterprise agreement at my workplace?

If you want an enterprise agreement at your workplace, you will need the approval of 51% of the workforce, or the support of your employer. An enterprise agreement must be compliant with the Fair Work Act and must be certified by the Fair Work Commission.

Enterprise agreements can be negotiated with a single employer or one or more employers cooperating as a single enterprise.

Can Professionals Australia help?

Enterprise agreements can be negotiated for banner groups and partnerships, provided they are single enterprises under the Fair Work Act. Professionals Australia will provide expert advice and support for all members who wish to begin bargaining at their workplaces.

If you think an enterprise agreement might be useful in your workplace, contact us.

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