IT Remuneration Survey 2023

Pay transparency remains a huge issue in our sector. A lack of reliable information about current salaries means workers are often flying blind when it comes to pay negotiations.
The good news is that successful union campaigns at both employer and government levels are ending pay secrecy. This changes the status quo from one that benefits employers, to one that empowers workers with knowledge to expect what they are worth.

Professionals Australia’s biennial ICT Employment and Remuneration survey is one of our sectors largest and most comprehensive salary reviews. The more survey participants the better our ability to ensure reliable reporting on the state of wages and conditions in our industry.
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Share this survey with your friends and colleagues in IT. All information is strictly confidential.

A summary of the survey results will be published later in the year, and made freely available to Professionals Australia members and survey participants.

Complete the survey to go in the draw to win one of two $500 JB Hi-Fi vouchers!

Stay warm this Tech Winter

It’s already been a difficult year for many IT workers in Australia. Widespread restructures threaten many of our jobs and livelihoods.

Right now, workers at Google, IBM, Atlassian, Xero and others are joining Professionals Australia in droves. Why is this? Because there’s strength in numbers.

We are building a more secure and respectful tech sector by holding companies and investors to account, ensuring they treat employees as the valuable contributors that we are.

Join us today to and get the support and expertise you need to secure your future employment while contributing to the collective welfare of all Aussie IT workers.
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The power of your union

When you join your union you contribute to a range of support and resources. It means you benefit when you need it and you help when someone else needs it. This is how as union members, no matter where we work, we are never alone.

In recent months, at Google, we have had significant success individually and collectively. Here are just some examples of what happens when we work together:

  • Legal specialists have reviewed and advised on numerous contracts
  • Industrial specialists have represented union members in individual meetings
  • Members have collectively negotiated directly with Google management
  • With legal advice, many members have successfully renegotiated higher redundancy amounts
  • Industrial specialists have assisted members with successful redeployment applications meaning they get to keep their jobs
  • Members have the knowledge and support to negotiate special accommodations and return to work plans

This is a snapshot of the success that union members have had and will continue to have. Join your union today and make a change for the better in our industry.
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