Professional Pharmacists Australia thanks Dr Geoff March for outstanding contribution to unionism. Professional Pharmacists Australia members farewell their President, Dr Geoff March after 15 years of dedicated service to bettering the lives of workers in our industry.

PPA’s CEO Jill McCabe joins members across the country in thanking and congratulating Dr March on an outstanding career in pharmacy and for his extensive involvement in PPA.

“I cannot thank Geoff enough for his incredible contribution to the pharmacy industry, as a pharmacist, academic and union leader.”

Throughout his long and successful career, Geoff has displayed a deeply held commitment to improving employment outcomes for pharmacists. He has been instrumental in promoting the modernisation of pharmacy practice and having it recognised as a health care setting rather than a retail setting.

Like many PPA members, Geoff started his career in community pharmacy and was instrumental in negotiating the very first National Pharmacies’ enterprise bargaining agreement, which set a new benchmark for wages and conditions in the pharmacy sector.

He also played a major role in modernising practice while he was employed by National Pharmacies and advocated for the adoption of similar improvements across the pharmacy sector.

“I believe in the community of pharmacy employees working together to give voice to the needs of the profession, and to support each other” – Geoff March

Following 20 years in community pharmacy, Geoff moved into academia, sharing his in-depth knowledge and passion for pharmacy. He completed his Doctorate (PhD) on Pharmacy Practice in 2006 and has continued to contribute to pharmacy education and research.

Throughout his career, Geoff has been an active union member. He was a committee member with the Salaried Pharmacy Association from 1983, which then joined Professionals Australia in 1997.

In 2005, Geoff was elected to Professional Australia’s National Assembly and to the position of president of PPA that same year. He was conferred a Distinguished Life Member of Professionals Australia in October 2016.

Geoff’s sense of community, commitment to pharmacy and innovative and collaborative approach has underscored the work of PPA over many years.

“Past, current, and future generations of pharmacists are all better off thanks to the incredible passion and work of Geoff.” – Jill McCabe

Reflecting on the current state of pharmacy in Australia, Dr March said the sector was at a crossroad with high levels of dissatisfaction amongst pharmacists.

“While improvements in practice are required, better wages and conditions for employee pharmacists are imperative to attract and retain a quality pharmacy workforce now and into the future”.

Professional Pharmacists Australia also extends a warm welcome to its incoming president Leon Yap, who has been the treasurer for the past three years.