We Leave Canberra Confident and Hopeful for a Better Future for Workers

We are , and  members from across Australia.
Last week, we united in Canberra to talk to MPs before they debate and vote on the next round of Secure Jobs, Better Pay IR reform.
After 2 days of meetings with MPs from all sides of politics, one thing is certain - our stories were heard!
When MPs vote on whether to fix loopholes that allow businesses to thrive while workers fall behind, they will remember our faces and our stories. We are proud to have represented our colleagues and we are genuinely hopeful that things will get better.
We are privilleged to be able to represent tens of thousands of PA members.
We would encourage you, if you have ever thought about getting more involved in your union, either as a member, or as a delegate to do it!
These experiences have been so valuable and, we hope, in some cases life-changing. They are the kinds of opportunities that being part of a union collective afford us.
If you aren't a union member, join us!
- Maize, Mitch, Maddie, Amanda and Niki

Your Delegates Reflect on Their Experiences

Here's what your delegates had to say after leaving Canberra



It's the first time game workers have had the opportunity to be in parliament house and talk to pollies about industrial issues that effect us.
I'm so proud but so invigorated.

It's hard and a slog, fighting for , and all workers' rights. But so many politicians told us not to give up. That we're making a difference.

Over the last two days even learning about so many other industries and the things we share. I've never felt less alone.

I am honoured to have been one of the first game workers to visit Parliament House as a union representative.

I am proud to have shared our concerns about volatile conditions and insecure work to governing MPs, Senators and fellow union delegates across all industries.



It was such an amazing opportunity being able to share our stories directly with our elected leaders and having them listen and take on board the wide range of lived experiences we represented.

I hope our stories will help bring about better, fairer conditions for all Australian workers, and in particular that we can get legislative support to end the union drought of the last two decades through improving delegates rights.

By making it both less risky to openly collectivise in industries not used to union activity, and to allow delegate activity to be formally recognised and supported within companies, we can rebalance the power scales which have tipped so heavily against us and left us as expendable, layoffable, overworkable pawns in the game of increasing shareholder profits and executive power plays.



I am proud to have represented Translators and Interpreters in discussions with politicians. Talking to them face to face in their place of work meant we were able to really appeal to them on a personal level.

I am confident that the work we did last week and the stories we told about what it's like to work in this industry will make a genuine impact on those politicians. 
We need our stories to be heard - that it how we can make real change.



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