Professionals Australia expresses full support for the work of the Therapeutic Goods Administration

Monday, 27 September 2021

Professionals Australia condemns any effort to intimidate, harass or threaten the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) leadership or staff as completely unacceptable, as they undertake their vital work in the best health interests of every Australian.

With our scientist and pharmacist members on the frontline in the war against COVID-19, Professionals Australia appreciates the significant sacrifices TGA employees have made since the pandemic began, and we extend our sincere appreciation for their incredible efforts.

We express our full support to the TGA in the important work it is currently undertaking to assess and regulate new medicines and vaccines.

The TGA also plays a particularly important role in ensuring that only evidence-based health information is distributed to the Australian public and we fully support the organisation’s role in challenging, and where necessary, prosecuting those who seek to mislead the Australian public on important health matters in pursuit of their own interests.

It is absolutely critical that the TGA maintain its role as an independent, diligent, evidence-driven and responsible medicines regulator focused on protecting the health of Australians.

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