APSC Pay Offer

Today the APSC released their pay offer for consideration. The APSC pay offer is:

  • Year One: 4%
  • Year Two: 3.5%
  • Year Three: 3%.

The start and finish dates for the proposed pay increases have not been given, as the APSC would like to leave the effective start and finish dates open for negotiation. Additionally, the APSC has stated that those Agencies/Departments due a pay increase under interim arrangements before 31st August would have those interim increases paid as normal.

The APSC feel this offer will help it attract and retain skilled staff and will make the Australian Public Service an employer of choice for engineers, professionals, and scientists.

This offer is significantly lower than the offer Professionals Australia proposed pay increase of 9%, 6% and 5% over three years plus additional allowances of Professional staff and separate pay scales for science and engineering roles in the public service.

PA members have a right to have strong feelings about this offer. As your union, we will be guided by members’ views, and you will decide how we respond collectively to this offer.

Under the requirements of Good Faith bargaining, members of unions are entitled to have a free and frank discussion about the

proposed offer and make counter claims to the offer if they wish to.

As part of this process Professionals Australia is running a brief survey that is open to all APS staff for you to express your views confidentially and freely on this offer.
                                                                         Take the survey here

We will also meet as a group to decide how we respond to this offer and any counteroffer or escalation actions we might wish to take as a professional union. As such a lunch time meeting for all engineers, scientists and professionals in the APS will be held as follows:

All Engineers, Scientists and Professional APS Staff Meeting

Thursday 25th May: 12:30pm (Sydney time)
Meeting ID: 417 271 090 246
Passcode: M76e4H
                                                     Click here to join the meeting - via Teams

All are welcome to attend this meeting provided you are an engineer, scientist, manager or professional working in the APS but only PA members may vote in the meeting.

If you are not a member of your professional union, join today to help fight for better pay and conditions in the APS. Remember the stronger the union, the better the outcome! If you have any questions about the offer, the survey or the meeting please contact your site PA delegate or PA Official Kathleen Studdert