Engineering a Better NSW: Survey Report

Professionals Australia is a union representing 20,000 professionals across Australia and is the only national union representing professional engineers.

Engineers design, build and maintain the infrastructure we use and rely on in the community every day. Without qualified and competent engineers, the $112 billion worth of infrastructure projects across NSW that are already in the pipeline for construction over the next 3-5 years would not be possible.

In NSW however, the engineering profession isn’t valued as it should be. Unlike other state governments, the NSW Government has refused to introduce a broad-based registration scheme for engineers and continues to seriously underinvested in its own internal engineering capacity.

This has meant that there are currently too many non-engineers working in jobs that should be performed by qualified professional engineers. It also means the state government is no longer an informed purchaser of engineering services.

To gain a deeper understanding of the current state of the engineering industry, Professionals Australia ran a survey of those who know best – professional engineers working in NSW.

The survey was conducted in October 2022 and was completed by engineers from a comprehensive range of workplaces including transport, energy, water, local government, consulting and private industry.

Enter your details here to download a copy of the results of our survey of engineers in NSW and their experiences of the industry.