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Modern Awards

These Awards cover the majority of our members

PDF Award Title
MA000049Airport Employees Award 2010
MA000118Animal Care and Veterinary Services Award 2010
MA000079Architects Award 2010
MA000001Black Coal Mining Industry Award 2010
MA000088Electrical Power Industry Award 2010
MA000027Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2010
MA000064Hydrocarbons Field Geologists Award 2010
MA000112Local Government Industry Award 2010
MA000012Pharmacy Industry Award 2010
MA000051Port Authorities Award 2010
MA000065Professional Employees Award 2010
MA000015Rail Industry Award 2010
MA000121State Government Agencies Administration Award 2010
MA000066Surveying Award 2010
MA000113Water Industry Award 2010

Please note that these awards have been updated for the 2011/12 annual wage review and the rates contained therein are operative on and from 1 July 2012.

If you are unsure which award you are covered by, or if you require assistance or advice on understanding your entitlements at work, contact Professionals Australia on 1300 273 762.