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The Community & Hospital Pharmacists Remuneration Survey Report

The Community and Hospital Pharmacists' Remuneration Survey Report equips you with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information available on pharmacists in Australia. The Community & Hospital Pharmacists' Remuneration Survey is conducted annually in November/December and the results are published early in the first quarter of the following year.

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The participants in the survey are a random sample drawn from the national Pharmacist Registration Board and members of Professional Pharmacists Australia (a division of Professionals Australia). Around 20,000 survey questionnaires are distributed, with over 2,600 completed surveys returned.

The Survey Report provides detailed information on salaries, earnings, classifications, gender, years of experience and hours worked. The survey captures market rates across Australia, with state-specific Community Pharmacists information available for New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

Report Sections

The Community & Hospital Pharmacists' Remuneration Survey Report comprises the following sections:

  • About the Survey
  • Terms & Statistics
  • Community & Hospital Pharmacists – Australia-wide
  • Community Pharmacists – Australia-wide
  • Community Pharmacists – New South Wales
  • Community Pharmacists – Victoria
  • Community Pharmacists – Queensland
  • Community Pharmacists – South Australia
  • Community Pharmacists – Western Australia
  • Hospital Pharmacists – Australia-wide
  • Appendix A – Classification Definitions and Legislation
  • Appendix B – Minimum Wages and Penalty Rates

How to order

The Community & Hospital Pharmacists Remuneration Survey Report is available for $110 (inc. GST). Overseas purchases are GST exempt, but a postage and handling fee applies. All amounts are in Australian dollars ($AUD).

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Financial members of Professional Pharmacists Australia (PPA) will receive a copy of the Survey Report free of charge upon its publication.

All purchasers should familiarise themselves with the Terms and Conditions of purchase before ordering.

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