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Australian Computer Society Remuneration Survey Report

The Australian Computer Society Remuneration Survey is carried out annually by the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia in conjunction with the Australian Computer Society. The survey report provides the very latest information on remuneration of computer professionals in Australia.

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The benefits of the survey report are numerous. Access to this report gives you the advantage when negotiating enterprise and workplace agreements, individual contracts, or performing salary reviews, and will help you retain and attract quality staff.

The Australian Computer Society Remuneration Survey Report is essential because it:

  • details both base salary and total remuneration packages by responsibility level, job function, experience, discipline, qualification, sector, industry, turnover and geographic location. All amounts are in Australian dollars ($AUD).
  • gives over 100 pages of information on the latest trends in remuneration packaging, industrial regulation and the Fringe Benefits Tax.
  • contains easy-to-read tables, with details of remuneration packages by costing to motor vehicles, overtime, allowances, superannuation, car parking, bonuses etc given.
  • puts at your fingertips information on salaries paid for Project Managers, General Management, IT Managers Programmers, Analysts, Systems Managers, Computer Support, Project Leaders, Consultants, Research, and Marketing.
  • details annual salary movements for the computing industry
  • includes details of hourly contract rates, and advises on trends in relevant economic and industrial issues likely to impact upon the employment contracts of computer professionals.
  • allows all subscribers to receive free access to all information online on the Internet. This is not just an electronic version of the paper report: it's a fully customised, interactive version, where the end-user selects their own categories for analysis. When you receive a copy of the report, you will be given a unique username and password which will last until the publication of the next report (in July each year).
  • no special software is required – you use your normal browser to unlock this vast resource of information on remuneration of computer professionals in Australia.
  • is run by Professionals Australia, which has conducted remuneration surveys of professional engineers since 1974, and an annual survey of the remuneration of computer professionals on behalf of the Australian Computer Society since 1993.


Report Sections

The Australian Computer Society Remuneration Survey Report contains base salary and total package salary information cross-referenced by the following criteria:

  • Industry
    • Consulting/Technical Services
    • Mining or Quarrying
    • Electricity/Gas Supply
    • Communications
    • Defence
    • Public Administration
    • Transport and Storage
    • Education
    • Research and Development
    • Insurance
    • Banking/Finance
    • Health
    • Retail
    • Computer Services
    • Business Services
    • Food/Beverage/Tobacco
    • Computer Software Manufacture
  • Job function
    • ICT Consultant
    • General Manager
    • Chief Information Officer
    • ICT Project Manager
    • ICT Manager
    • ICT Account Manager
    • ICT Business Development
    • Manager
    • ICT Business Analyst
    • Systems Analyst
    • Analyst Programmer
    • Developer Programmer
    • Software Engineer
    • Software & Applications Programmer
    • Database Administrator
    • ICT Security Specialist
    • Systems Administrator
    • Computer Network/Systems Engineer
    • ICT Architect
    • Network Administrator
    • ICT Support Engineer
    • ICT Systems Test Engineer
    • ICT Customer Support Officer
    • Web Developer
    • ICT Support Technician
    • Academic
  • Discipline of IT
    • Computer Science
    • Information Systems
    • Information Technology
    • Business Systems
    • Data Processing
    • Computer Systems Engineering
  • ICT Job Group
    • Development & Implementation
    • Management & Administration
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Strategy & Planning
    • Service Delivery
    • Technical Support & Maintenance
  • Qualification
    • Diploma
    • Bachelor Degree (Pass)
    • Bachelor Degree (Hons)
    • Graduate Diploma
    • Masters Degree
    • Doctorate/PhD
    • Vendor accreditation
  • Sector of employment
    • Private sector
    • Australian Public Service
    • Australian Govt Instrumentality
    • State Public Service
    • State Govt Instrumentality
    • Local Government
    • University or tertiary institution
    • School inc TAFE
  • States & territories
    • New South Wales
    • Queensland
    • Australian Capital Territory
    • Victoria
    • Tasmania
    • South Australia
    • Western Australia
    • Northern Territory
  • Capital city vs regional location
  • Responsibility Level
  • Years of experience
  • Gender
  • Private sector turnover



How to Order

The Australian Computer Society Remuneration Survey Report is available for only $440 (inc. GST). Overseas purchases are GST exempt, but a postage and handling fee applies. The Report can be ordered online, via secure e-commerce, or if you prefer, you can download and print an order form, and submit it by fax or mail. Note, phone or email orders will not be accepted. All amounts shown are in Australian dollars ($AUD).

Professionals Australia and ACS members can further benefit by purchasing the report at 75% off the non-member price – however terms and conditions apply.

All purchasers should familiarise themselves with the Terms and Conditions of purchase before ordering.

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For more information about the Australian Computer Society Remuneration Survey Report, contact:
Surveys Unit
Professionals Australia
GPO Box 1272, Melbourne VIC 3001
Phone/Fax: 03 9695 8839
ABN: 99 589 872 974