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Salary Survey Reports

Every year we conduct detailed remuneration surveys of the following professional groups:

Professionals Australia survey reports

  IT Professionals
  Graduate Engineers

The results are published in printed format, and are also made available online to members and/or subscribers (Engineer, IT and Scientist surveys only). All surveys are conducted annually, with the Professional Engineer Survey conducted twice yearly.

There are no better, nor any more up-to-date, guides on remuneration for professionals.

The survey reports give organisations the advantage when negotiating enterprise or workplace agreements, individual contracts, or performing salary reviews – they can help attract & retain the best quality staff.

Individuals will find that negotiating their salary or contract is a critical part of professional employment. So it is important to know exactly what the "going rate" is for that particular situation. With this information to hand, individuals can place themselves exactly in their profession, and can negotiate from a much more knowledgeable and powerful position.

The survey reports are essential because they:

  • are the most up-to-date salary guides for these professions - all reports are published annually (biannually for engineers)
  • are the most detailed salary guides - factoring total remuneration by responsibility level, job function, experience, discipline, qualification, sector, industry, turnover and geographic location.
  • include latest trends in salary packaging, industrial regulation and Fringe Benefits Tax.
  • contain details of salary packages by costing to motor vehicles, overtime, allowances, superannuation, car parking, bonuses, etc
  • detail annual salary trends across industries
  • contain information on salaries paid for a variety of disciplines in each professional field
  • are run by Professionals Australia, which has conducted remuneration surveys of professional engineers since 1974

The report costs range from $99 to $550 (inc GST) (much less than comparable remuneration reports), and give you the most up-to-date and reliable information available on remuneration of professionals in Australia. And because it is tax deductible, the real cost is even lower.

Salary Calculators

Purchase of the Professional Engineer, Australian Computer Society or Professional Scientist Remuneration Survey Reports also entitles you to free access to the survey data online via our website. The data is presented as a fully-customised, interactive version of the printed report, where the user selects their own categories, such as years of experience, sector, qualification, etc, for analysis.

The salary calculators can also identify where in the market a given base salary lies, by allowing a reverse search by salary. A similar query can be run to determine in which percentile of the market a salary lies.

When purchasers receive their copy of the survey report, a unique username and password is also supplied to access this online resource. Financial members can access the online versions of the reports free of charge.

To order

To purchase a survey report, click the relevant link below - you can order online by credit card, or download a PDF order form.

For more information, contact our Surveys Unit on (03) 9695 8839 or email