Working to improve language services

We represent translators and interpreters right across Australia.

We’re campaigning to ensure that language service professionals get the respect, recognition and reward you deserve.

We are part of the Professionals Australia network with more than 25,000 members across Australia.

We bring translators and interpreters together not only to work for better wages and to ensure your rights are protected, but to help resolve the issues facing your profession.

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Collective bargaining rights

Professionals Australia successful pursued a determination from the ACCC to collectively bargain on behalf of members.

Workplace advice and support

We provide tailored advice and support to members on workplace issues. Need contract advice?

Do you work for TIS?

If you perform language service jobs for TIS we want to hear from you. Take part in our first survey.

Victorian language services

Professionals Australia believes that essential language services for Victorian government clients and organisations can be delivered more effectively through a single central language service provider.