The primary function of technical specialists is to apply specialist skills and expert knowledge to produce a required outcome, while the primary function of professional in a managerial role is to oversee and manage the work of others to produce a required outcome.

A manager can be defined as someone who spends a large part of their time carrying out the functions of planning,organising, coordinating, controlling and leading.It is widely agreed that a fundamentally divergent set of skills are required to perform technical and managerial roles.

This Guide will highlight some of the issues involving in making the transition from technical specialist to manager for technology management professionals.

It includes advice on:

  • ensuring you don’t preclude a move into a management role in your early career;
  • how to make an informed decision about moving into a management role;
  • why skills development is so fundamental to the transition;
  • what types of skill areas you need to consider and the specific professional development which might be helpful;
  • the traits, values and characteristics of those who have made the transition from technical specialist to manager;
  • some of the challenges faced by those making the transition; and
  • some tips from those who have successfully moved from a technical background into a management role.
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