Within any given period (such as a week or a month) there is a fixed amount of time.

What you do with that time determines how effective and satisfied you are in your role as a professional with managerial responsibilities.

Regardless of how much you plan your working days and prioritise your tasks, you will still find yourself failing to complete your tasks and achieve your goals if you are unable to manage your time successfully. By committing to managing your time at work you can increase your level of efficiency and professional fulfilment.

The Guide is organised into four main sections covering:

  1. delegating effectively;
  2. dealing with interruptions;
  3. stop procrastinating; and
  4. aiming for less than perfection

all of which, in addition to planning and prioritising your workload, are skills critical to managing your time to achieve all the tasks required of you in an efficient and stress-free way.

Professionals Australia would like to acknowledge the assistance of Chifley Business School in producing this Guide. The Guide draws from the Chifley Business School MBA, short course, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate content. For further information on courses, visit the website at or email

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