Innovation and Science Australia update

ISA is consulting with science and research, business, education and skills organisations to inform their audit of the performance of the Australian innovation, science and research system. As well as the skills roundtable, further roundtables will be held on investment, capability and infrastructure, and research and collaboration.

Pyne/Carr NPC debate highlights differences in Science and Innovation policies

Minister for Innovation, Science and industry, Christopher Pyne, and Senator Kim Carr, Labor’s Shadow Minister for Innovation, Science, Industry, Research and Higher Education met on 20 June to debate science and innovation policy at the National Press Club. The debate coincided with the release of Labor’s Science and Innovation policy statement on 18 June.

Synchrotron staff picket wage and condition cuts

Scientists at Melbourne’s Synchrotron research facility are striking on Tuesday to defend their wages and entitlements, despite new Minister for Science Christopher Pyne touting the importance of innovation for economic growth. “Professionals Australia members will take the unusual step of protesting outside the Synchrotron facility on Tuesday morning,” said Professionals Australia Victorian Director, Sharelle Herrington. “We…