Are you really open to feedback?

Feedback on how you’re going at work makes an essential contribution to your development as a professional because it provides insights into how you and your work are experienced by others. Used wisely, what you learn from feedback can improve working relationships, increase productivity and enable change.

Change Fatigue

Change fatigue is a condition characterised by lingering mental and physical tiredness associated with organisational change. The sufferer feels neither excitement nor optimism about the change. Change fatigue is increasingly prevalent and it’s a cause of much unhappiness, unnecessary stress and productivity loss.

Thinking about retirement?

Whilst some professionals have a clear view of how they want to spend their retirement, many more reach the later part of their full-time working life with little idea of what retirement might look like for them. And all too often, professionals approach the end of their full-time working life preoccupied with concerns about how long their retirement savings will last and whether they can actually afford to retire.