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We represent several thousand Professional Scientists from a broad range of specialisations including health science, automotive design, biomedical science, ecology, veterinary science, neuroscience, mental health, genetics and genomics, astronomy, biochemistry, mineral processing, environmental science, defence research, synchrotron science, environmental science, immunology, surveying and water science.

Professional Scientists Australia believes you should get the respect, recognition and reward you deserve.

We are part of the Professionals Australia network with more than 25,000 members across Australia.

We bring scientists together not only to work for better wages and to ensure your rights are protected, but to help resolve the issues facing your profession.


  • As a strong voice for our sector, your advocacy has brought in new changes at workplaces and new policy-settings at the Federal level and will continue to do so. I feel valued, recognised and empowered as a committed member of your organization.

    Professional Scientists Australia Member – 5 years
  • I joined Professionals Australia (from another union) as at the time I was looking to do an MBA and there was a discount doing it through PA. I found so much more! I found colleagues from all over Australia who were as interested and committed as me to making a difference to our workplaces and to our profession. I found support in some unexpected places when my husband died and because of Professional Australia’s policies I was able to continue to contribute to the ongoing management of the association. I’m proud to have been involved in this great association where people look beyond their own ‘little world’ to improving their workplaces for the betterment of all.

    Professional Scientists Australia member – 25 years
  • I have been committed to union membership since a union obtained fairer conditions and pay for me as university tutor, even though most tutors were not union members. When I started work in the public service, I had a choice to join several unions. However, I soon discovered that Professional Scientists Australia was the only union that truly represented my interests as a scientist, a professional and a manager. Professional Scientists Australia has strongly advocated to maintain professional standards in my workplace and been a strong voice in our Enterprise Agreement negotiations. As a workplace delegate, I have discovered just how much support they provide to individuals and how much trouble those individuals could have been in without that support. I strongly believe that every scientist needs the strong support and advocacy that Professional Scientists Australia provides.

    Professional Scientists Australia member – 16 years
  • I joined Professional Scientists Australia initially because I wanted to be member of a professional organisation and to network with other like-minded people.  I read somewhere that essentially, your social orbit says a lot about where you are headed in life. ‘Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are,’ goes the saying about how associations underpin identity. That still applies, even today, twelve years later. I learned after the fact from a colleague that it is a professional organisation which advocates for its members. To me, that was a bonus, so it is not just that feeling of being able to talk with people about the issues that I have in my workplace (which are often as specialised and complex as the work itself that I do) and that they will fully understand where I am coming from, but also, knowing that there is a safety net and security in that if things in my professional life do change, I can look to them for assistance and guidance.

    Professional Scientists Australia member – 11 years
  • Joining my union was a no-brainer for me. I recognise that as employees, there is strength in our unity in making our workplaces safe, productive and happy places for everyone. As a science communicator, I have been with Professionals Australia since my early uni days. They are a union with a twist, having both an industrial relations arm and a professional association arm offering the ability to support you in the workplace as well as advocating for your profession nationally. I am an active member of my union.

    Professional Scientists Australia member – 9 years
  • Professional Scientists Australia is the natural association to help me understand the industrial conditions of scientists in Australia. From their annual salary survey I can see that I am being appropriately paid for my work. From my engagement with the Scientists team I can also see some challenges faced by other scientists from which I can learn. Professional Scientists Australia has helped me develop my skills and link me in with other similar-minded scientists.

    Professional Scientists Australia member – 8 years

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