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protossw of roxburgh park

holy crap, another boring oversea middle size front drive white goods,,,,,who can save commodore?

minty of franga

carbon tax anyone?


Will the last manufacturing company leaving Victoria please turn out the lights!

Neil of Melbourne

Rear wheel drive V6 & V8 cars are out of favour as urban family vehicles. Holden has no choice other than to plan to build vehicles that the market wants.

commodore patrol cars to a sherriffs department

funny... im sure i saw a story on tv over the weekend that said holden had a contract with USA to supply some 3000 odd commodore patrol cars to a sherriffs department and from my understanding the coppers that have been driving them are over the moon with the AUSSIE car and its design and capabilities so this story makes no sense!

Mark of Geelong, Vic

I'll be upfront from the start here and say that I'm not a Holden fan, and while I actually drive a Falcon XR8, this comes as sad news to me. This car is one of Australia's icons and the production of it keeps a lot of people here in a job. Also, what would the ford falcon fans do if their rival goes six feet under?

Cassandra of Narre Warren

I don't even care about cars, but we should be ashamed.

Is everyone mad but me of Yarrambat

Sad news... but maybe that will mean less hoons on our roads.


not all of us want to drive underpowered overpriced cars, cmon holden we thought you were better then that


Mark. I will be upfront too - I drive a Falcon XR6T. Honestly I don't think you have alot to worry about regarding who the falcon will compete with - the falcon isn't exactley kicking goals at the moment either! It's a real worry that the writing seems to be on the wall for both the Falcon & Commodore.... Camry and Aurion too if they can't get there workers to work - I am sure they can assemble these fridge much cheaper overseas!! Sad times ahead for the Aussie motor industry I reckon.,


Mark of Geelong: Cheer.

Karen of Melbourne

Government needs to stop jobs going overseas when will this happen as the work is gone for people as it is. We do not protect our industries that is a big mistake.

HoldenBoy of Notting Hill

So now v8 Supercars will be gone, the commodore was once a rival now gone overseas! Made from crap, id rather buy a car thats made buy aussies for aussies. So sad to see the commodore once an aussie icon gone, now ford has the market and no rival!

Gary of Brighton

Falcon will be's been on the chopping board for a while now.


If Holden goes, so will Ford, as well as a myriad of associated supply industries from toolmakers to injection moulders right through to the local sandwich shops that supply to all. And it wouldn't be hundreds of jobs, it would be 10-15,000

Glenn of Melbourne

Mark of Geelong @ 8.17am, Mate, there is more chance of Ford shutting its door, than Holden's. Ford volumes are less than half the volumes out of Holden's. To be honest, all this appears to be, is a beat-up. The Commodore sales have been dipping for years & at present are being replaced with Cruze sales. It appears that so long as people want an Aussie built car, the Cruze & new Cruze Hatch (about to be released) are the cars. Don't forget people, that the Chevy Volt is coming to Australia & is built off the same floor platform as the Cruze. Therefore Cruze derivatives will be the nominal vehicle with Commodaore & Statesman making up boutique numbers in future.

Ashley of Canterbury

The end of an era - sadly GM has to step into the 21st century and the Holden as we now know it has come to the end of the road.

openslather of werribee

Is that the death knell for Bathurst?

Big A of Melbourne

Wow, 350 Engineering job going. So much for building a smarter Australian workforce. At least the factory workers in Adelaide will still have a job. But its a dumbing down of the workforce. Engineers are not really a greedy unionized workforce, so this sounds like very drastic news.

Darren of Melbourne

This is sad news indeed. With the trend of online shopping and the death of manufacturing it will be a very different landscape in Australia in the next 20 years. Will there be any jobs for young people???

Steve of Melbourne

It is definitely sad news to see another manufacturing company close its doors in Australia and import rubbish from overseas. My prediction is that Ford will be next. Politicians and people of Australia should be ashamed for NOT supporting local manufactures but would rather support the imported rubbish which has a life span half of a commodore or falcon.


with a dedicated gas commodore due in 2012, this would have to boost sales, especially the fleet market. holden needs to push harder. not all families want to drive around in a front wheel drive car built for midgets