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Our divisions reflect the diverse range of professions and industries covered by your association. If you are employed in these fields or industries, or hold certain qualifications, you are automatically a member of the relevant division.

Joining and becoming actively involved in your division committee is the first step to having a say in the direction of your association.

As a committee member you help develop the our plan, participate and develop local activity and hear of our progress. Committee members help shape the direction of their Association and their own activity helps achieve our goals.

You also have the opportunity to develop new skills and gain valuable experience outside your normal area of expertise. Many members also make lifelong friendships while working together to make a positive difference in their workplace, industry and community,

Being actively involved in your local branch or division committee is great preparation should you choose to stand for National Assembly, our overarching governing body. National Assembly comprises of representatives elected by members from each branch and division.

Want to know more? Contact us on 1300 273 762 or and we'll put you in touch with your division committee.

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