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IT Upskill Scholarship

IT Upskill is an annual scholarship program open to current members of IT Professionals Australia.

The aims of the scholarship are to demonstrate our commitment to supporting the professional development needs of IT Professionals and to highlight the key role continuing professional development (CPD) plays in maintaining high professional standards.

Why a Scholarship program?

We want our IT Professionals to understand that we are committed to investing in their CPD.

The scholarship program provides members with a cash incentive of $500 towards the professional development activity they choose as relevant to their individual needs.

How does it operate?

The scholarship will be awarded on an annual basis. The member who is awarded the scholarship will receive $500 cash to spend on skills development in the area of their choice.

Who can participate?

You are eligible to enter if you are a current financial member, are an IT professional and complete the application form.

How is the scholarship recipient selected?

Scholarship applications will be assessed against the criteria listed below. In their application, the scholarship recipient should:

  • demonstrate an ongoing commitment to professional development and extending their existing skills (for example, building on previous training);
  • show an understanding of potential networking opportunities afforded by professional development; and
  • be pursuing professional development in an area which will contribute to their portfolio of transferable skills.

When do I need to get my application in by?

Applications close on the 30 April.


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IT consultant wins 2011 IT Upskill scholarship

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Alan is a 34-year-old NSW-based IT Professional who's been a member of the Association since 2003.

IT consultant wins 2011 IT Upskill scholarship

2010 Scholarship Winner

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Michael Glew has been selected as the winner of this year's IT Upskill scholarship valued at $500. Michael is an ACT-based Senior Systems Tester who joined Professionals Australia in 2006

2010 Scholarship Winner