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Public has right to read Costello Report

Earlier this week the Queensland Government released parts of its report on the state's finances and raised the prospect of more privatisation for the state.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

The report prepared by former LNP Treasurer Peter Costello is clearly a politically motivated report that the currently the Government is now refusing to release to the public.

Professionals Australia members deserve the right to see the full report and to prepare responses towards building a sustainable and prosperous state for all of Queensland. 

Professionals Australia professionals have insight into Government waste in infrastructure and together could provide solutions to the current economic crisis that has been driven by short term planning around political cycles rather than long term planning for a smarter Queensland.

Queensland communities must been given the right to a two way conversation with the Government about this report as it is being used to guide the state's future.

It is patently unfair for Queensland's taxpayers and public servants for the Government to produce a political audit of the state's accounts, refuse to release it but then use it to justify sacking hard working employees and embark on a new round of privatisation without proper consultation of the professionals who deal with the waste and lack of planning on a daily basis.

Of course proper audits must be done regularly and this is the role of state auditors-general who make sure that governments and treasuries are doing the right thing and the true state of their books are routinely made available for public scrutiny.

Even more astonishingly this week Premier Newman stated that even he hadn't seen the report and senior government ministers will only get a full copy of the report next Monday.

While the Government has used the apparent contents of this report to open the debate on the sale of government assets and services they have at least said this will be subject to them winning the next election.

Many Professionals Australia members are greatly concerned that when governments from other states have embarked on this kind of exercise it has resulted in a reduction in engineering capacity and skills, and had a negative impact on the public who relies on our engineering expertise every day.

We will be seeking your feedback on these issues as they progress, starting by meeting with members and delegates at relevant workplaces around the state.

If you have any questions or concerns about this please contact me at

Michelle Rae

Director Professionals Australia Queensland Branch


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