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What you said about us - survey leads to new services

To make sure Professionals Australia keeps delivering for its members we conduct an annual satisfaction survey and I'd like to share some of the more interesting findings with you.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Late last year we surveyed our members and received constructive feedback from 1361 members.

We take this survey extremely seriously and listen closely to suggestions from our members, and I thought I would share some of the most important feedback we've received about what we can do in the future to ensure we provide even more value for our members.

Our industrial services received a very healthy rating by members with 85.7 per cent stating that it was at or above their level of expectation.

This is a particularly important finding because the survey also found that the most common reason for joining Professionals Australia was for access to our industrial representation which helps members when workplace issues inevitably arise.

Regarding professional issues, our members told us that remuneration levels not keeping pace with the market was the most important issue facing professional employees right now.  Other issues clearly striking a chord with members were managers not understanding areas of professional expertise, short term organisational thinking and a lack of investment in infrastructure, de-professionalisation and a lack of career paths for professionals. 

The often patchy engineering skills shortages reported by the Government also concerned our engineering members.

This is all good food for thought as we continue to lobby governments and employers for long lasting changes that will benefit individual workplaces, the professions we represent and Australia's future.

APESMA's communications are popular with members, topping out our list of most used Professionals Australia services last year.  The three services used most by members were eNews (83.7 per cent of members used it in 2012), our Professional Network magazine (71.2 per cent) and the Professionals Australia website (63.8 per cent).  Our salary surveys were the next most popular with 32.7 per cent of members using them last year.

Interestingly 61.1 per cent of members either always read eNews or often read it - which is a pleasing result.

While our website, our eNews and our Professional Network magazine are all back on an upward trend, communications is an area that needs constant effort and all three of these platforms will receive a boost this year.

Our professional staff members were rated highly by our members with 89.7 per cent of members who had contacted an Professionals Australia member of staff stating that they were helpful or very helpful.

In a positive sign for our membership growth, 84.5 per cent of respondents said they would recommend Professionals Australia membership to a colleague and we will be doing more to encourage Professionals Australia members to do exactly that throughout the year.

However there were some real lessons to be learnt from some of the less positive feedback.

While 76.4 per cent of members said Professionals Australia's value for money was at or above their level of expectation, we clearly want to improve on this rating and will be doing several exciting things this year to improve further on this result.

For the past few years not many members rated our overall member services as either below or well below expectation.  However, we acknowledge we can always offer more and better services to members.

In coming months we'll be rolling out a series of online seminars and webinars to give more members the opportunity to be part of our seminar program. We realise that this is an effective way to reach time-poor members and in particular those who live in regional areas.

Younger members are of particular importance to Professionals Australia and members under 34 have told us they are particularly interested in our salary surveys, along with our industrial representation.  Accordingly we will be implementing new ways to give young members our valued salary information using new technology.

We floated some ideas for new services including industry briefings, more advice on financial matters and public policy briefings.  All of these are now being developed as a direct result of the positive feedback we received from the survey.

For those that are interested in getting financial advice and information we have already started publishing Godfrey Pembroke's Market Update – a new edition of which is included in this eNews.

We also received some particularly valuable feedback on our name and branding which we are currently considering in some detail and there are many other services that we are now considering in our constant quest to provide better value for money.

Thank you to all members who assist us with our valued member satisfaction survey and the other surveys we do.

As you can see these surveys are a particularly important way for us to keep meeting or exceeding your expectations of us and finding new ways of doing things better.

Professionals Australia will ultimately achieve great results through strong support and engagement of all members.

Chris Walton

CEO, Professionals Australia

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