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Pharmacists Welcome Rejection of Ridiculous HMR Moratorium

Australia's Pharmacy Union, Professionals Australia, today welcomed news that the Commonwealth Government had rejected plans proposed by the Pharmacy owners Guild for an “immediate moratorium” on HMRs.

Monday, 11 February 2013

CEO of Professionals Australia Chris Walton, said while he welcomed the announcement he called on the Government to release more detail about the ongoing operation of the important Home Medicines Review program.

"We are pleased that the Health Minister dismissed this ridiculous proposal after Professionals Australia wrote to the Government asking them to reject it," Mr Walton said.

"This news is a victory for Professionals Australia's efforts to maintain this vital career path for some of Australia's best pharmacists.

"The moratorium was a ridiculous idea that would have immediately cut the payments to hundreds of experienced pharmacists who have done absolutely nothing wrong."

Mr Walton said it was clear the program was popular with Australian patients and pharmacists and prevented many cases of medicine misadventure, and called on the Government to consider new future funding models that keep pace with the legitimate popularity of the program.

He said sufficient funding for the program had not been secured as part of the 5CPA negotiations, demonstrating the need for a better, long term funding arrangement to ensure Australian patients received the advice they need.

He said discussions about the funding of community pharmacy programs should include a wide range of relevant pharmacy bodies such as Professionals Australia, the SHPA and the CHF, to ensure valuable programs continue to get the financial support they need.

He said Professionals Australia would contact the Government and request more details of the Government's plan to continue the program for the term of the current 5CPA.


Read Professionals Australia's letter to Health Minister Tanya Plibersek here

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