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Most people look forward to elections as much as the next trip to the dentist.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

But, as most of us know , the Prime Minister has already locked in the election date for 14 September this year, giving us almost nine months of political debate.

While they may be annoying, no-one can escape the fact that elections have a very real impact on the everyday working lives of professional Australians.

There are many issues that will have a direct impact on our members.  Political decisions affect our industries, workplaces and professions. It is therefore in members' interests that we strive to get detailed information on the position of political parties on the issues of most relevance.

And during this election year that is what we will do.  But first we're consulting with you.

We want your questions

We are asking all members to think about what questions they would put to the ALP, the Liberal/National Coalition and the Australian Greens (parties with members currently in the House of Representatives) - and send them in to us.

We'll collate all of your ideas and ask members to choose the most popular ones by putting them into a poll question in next week's eNews to determine the top ten questions our members want answered.

Then we'll send a letter to each of those three parties asking for their responses to each of the top ten questions.

Click here to send the question you would like Professionals Australia to put to the parties.  

This could be your best chance to get a real answer from our political leaders this year.

Professionals Australia is strictly not aligned to any political party and does not give donations to any political parties.  We use the strength of the arguments of our members to convince politicians on all sides to do more for the professions we represent.

Professionals Australia believes politicians would do well to recognise and listen to professionals if they want to strengthen the Australian economy and improve our way of life.

Chris Walton

CEO Professionals Australia


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