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How do we make change in the MRI sector?

An active medical research sector is essential to the future well-being of all Australians.

We don’t have medical research without the people – the scientists – who make it happen.

Medical researchers perform such important work, but many scientists have told us that there are barriers getting in the way of the sector being able to reach its full potential.

Scientists have told Professionals Australia that they want a strong, stable and thriving sector with well-funded Medical Research Institutes.

The current system of medical research funding is inefficient, job security is a worry, and there are significant barriers for women in the sector.

So what can we do?

We could simply hope that things get better or work together to ensure the community gets the full benefit from the critical work of skilled scientists.

Alongside the experience and skills of Professionals Australia, we will be able to problem solve and improve things when people get involved.

All Medical research scientists can help to create a unique and tailored organisation for MRI professionals.

Professionals Australia will work with Institutes and government to address:


·         Funding arrangements

·         Workforce development issues

·         Job security and improved career paths

·         Barriers that discourage women


None of this is possible without the researchers support our plan.  We will be launching our membership options soon.

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