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Mentors Online

Mentors Online is an email-based mentoring program hosted by the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia.

Its focus is on business skills development for independent contractors and consulting professionals. The program is open to professional engineers, scientists, pharmacists, architects, veterinarians and IT professionals operating small businesses.

Click here if you would like to register an expression of interest in the 2014 program.

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Thinking mentoring? Consider the online option (267KB)
by Dr Kim Rickard, Professionals Australia
Training Australia Magazine, December 2008

Mentors Online program wins Award :: Mentors Online has won the Best Mentoring Program category in the 2008 Top 20 Asia Pacific LearnX e-Learning and Training Awards.


  • My Mentor always treated me with respect and was interested in my progress. The last few months of discussions with you have made a huge impact on my business and on my life. I can see opportunities where previously I didn't and feel that I can tackle any challenges and succeed. It was fantastic to have someone to bounce ideas off who has been there before. I looked forward to your emails. I found the experience really enlightening.
  • Thanks for all of your input, it's been a fantastic experience and has opened up a whole lot of areas for me to continue to explore in the future.
  • I believe the match up re personality and skill sets has been better than could have been hoped for. Most of the topics you raised are on the agenda and we are working on them.
  • This is one of the best things I've ever ever done... a thousand thank you's !!
  • It’s good to see how professionally a mentoring program can be handled.
  • My Mentee and I are getting on famously.
  • Thank you so much for initiating the mentor program and for your guidance and assistance with it – it has changed my life in many ways...' when the student is ready, the teacher will appear...'
  • Your web site is excellent. I was glad to have found your program.
  • I was amazed to find that my mentor has such a similar background to mine – I didn't realise there were others like me in the world!
  • All is progressing very well. My mentor's input and advice on my Business Plan has been invaluable – more importantly the input on day to day matters has been extremely helpful.
  • She understands me as a person and a woman and the issues that go with that. I feel very grateful for her assistance. Thanks for this opportunity.
  • I just had a look at the webpage of my mentor. I could not imagine a better match!
  • The online products that were available for downloading from the Mentors Online webpage were very good – provided great guidance and detail.
  • We're getting on very well and have a lot in common. You've done a great job of matching us.
  • My mentor has provided me with great feedback so far. Thanks for organising the program. It came along right when I was wanting to find a mentor.
  • I'm getting heaps done as a result of the feedback I'm getting.
  • The discussions with my mentor really opened my eyes as to how to maximise opportunities.
  • I've realised that this is really the area that will help my business to grow.
  • In general, it's just been great to have someone to bounce ideas off.
  • I can't tell you how privileged I feel to have someone like X alongside at this critical start-up phase of my next career chapter


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