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Opportunities exist for your business or organisation to promote your products and services via Professionals Australia communications. With 25,000 financial members, plus over 15,000 student members, Professionals Australia can offer you proven ways to influence Australia's technical and managerial professionals.

Advertising Enquiries

To make an enquiry about advertising or to book, contact Professionals Australia via email, phone (03) 9695 8800 or fax (03) 9695 8846.

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Professional Network Magazine

Professional Network is the official magazine for members of Professionals Australia. It is high quality, full colour, bi-monthly publication, which is mailed to all Professionals Australia members, as well as to a large number of subscribers. Page advertising is available, as well as mailing inserts.
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Professionals Australia National e-News

Professionals Australia National e-News is a fortnightly email newsletter, sent to all Professionals Australia members with a current email address (18,000+) and accessed via the Professionals Australia website. Text and banner advertising is available.
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Email to discuss.

Discounted Bookings

A discounted fee for ads across multiple publications and editions can be negotiated. Please contact for further information.


Professionals Australia reserves the right to reject at its absolute discretion any advertisement if deemed inappropriate, irrelevant or in conflict with existing contractual arrangements with Professionals Australia suppliers and/or service providers.