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LGEAlogoVrtcmykThe Local Government Engineers’ Association (LGEA) is a specialist group within Professionals Australia that advocates the vital role engineers have in keeping local communities safe. We believe our members deserve greater recognition, respect and reward – and we work to advance this goal everyday.

We do this through a range of advocacy that includes negotiating industrial awards and enterprise agreements, lobbying governments and advising members on individual contracts.

Whether you are seeking information on classification levels, or on salaries or contracts of employment, representation over dismissal or redundancy, or help with any other employment issue, we can help.


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NSW Government Amalgamations 2016 – Proclamations

Premier Mike Baird has announced the formation of new councils across Sydney and NSW.

As a part of this process, there have been several proclamations that have been released to the public that detail the specifics as to the makeup of these new councils.

Read the full article here.

New Award Offer Received

Late last week the LGEA received an offer for a new Local Government State Award from LG NSW which is the representative of councils in the negotiations.

The offer is the culmination of almost 10 months of work, commencing with our member survey back in August which we used to identify and prepare our claims; and involved dozens of negotiation sessions and 8 days of conciliation before Commissioner Murphy of the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW.

It is a comprehensive offer and we are particularly pleased to report that a number of the LGEA’s priority claims including those seeking greater recognition of excess hours of work for professionals; the need for principles of procedural fairness to be observed when conducting workplace investigations; better access to continuing professional development for professionals and the introduction of improved conditions and protections relating to the business use of motor vehicles have all been addressed.  The proposed Award also continues the long tradition of strengthening the provisions relating to flexible work arrangements in the industry to enable employees to balance their work/family/life needs.

Agreement has also been reached between the parties on the terms of reference for a review into the job evaluation, rates of pay and salary system arrangements applying to professional and executive band employees during the first 12 months of the next Award.  This is a key piece of work which will include the joint collection of data on skills shortages, skill gaps, emerging skills and workforce challenges facing local government. It will also include a salary survey of other industries to determine the extent of any salary gaps for professional groupings in local government and a review of contemporary job evaluation processes and salary system design for professional positions.  The LGEA will playing a central role in this process. And, perhaps most importantly, we have also been successful in resisting the claim by LG NSW to delete the Civil Liability Allowance from the Award.  Under the offer, it will continue to apply to eligible engineering professionals responsible for asset management working at councils across the state.