Professional Scientists Employment and Remuneration Report

Based on data collected in our annual Professional Scientists Employment and Remuneration Survey, run in conjunction with Science and Technology Australia, the employment and remuneration report is the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide of Scientist remuneration available in Australia.

The report is available in two parts:

  • The free to download summary report providing overall results from our annual Professional Scientists Employment and Remuneration Survey. Learn how employment conditions for scientists have been trending over the last 12 months. Contains detailed analyses of working hours, employment sentiment, rates of pay, and more!
  • In depth analysis of scientist remuneration broken down by a wide range of demographics including responsibility level, years of experience, qualification, job function, and much more. Available as a downloadable spreadsheet, these tables are the perfect benchmarking tool to keep organisations and individuals informed about today’s market rates for professional engineers.

The full report, including comprehensive benchmarking tables, is available for $330.00 (inc. GST). Members of Professionals Australia can purchase the report for the discounted price of $99.00.

When you purchase the report you also get access to Professionals Australia’s Scientist Remuneration Calculator allowing you to perform you own custom remuneration analysis

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The Professional Scientists Employment and Remuneration Report is essential because it:

  • The detailed 60-page report and downloadable spreadsheet contains well over 100 tables of easy to navigate detailed analyses of both Base Salary and Total Remuneration Packages by responsibility level, job function, experience, discipline, qualification, sector, industry, turnover and geographic location. It also includes information on the latest trends in remuneration packaging, industrial regulation and the Fringe Benefits Tax.
  • Contains easy-to-read tables, breaking down Professional Scientist remuneration packages including costed out motor vehicle benefits, overtime, allowances, superannuation, car parking, and performance bonuses.
  • Details annual salary movements across industries and employment sectors.
  • Includes online access to all information contained within the report as a PDF, MS Excel file and interactive, customisable calculator for performing your own targeted analyses online in your browser from the Professionals Australia website. When you receive a copy of the report, you will be given a unique username and password valid until publication of the next report.
  • Puts at your fingertips information on salaries paid for Biochemistry, Microbiology, Geology, Medical Science, Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physics and Food Science & Technology disciplines via the online service.
  • Is run by Professionals Australia alongside Science and Technology Australia, which have conducted remuneration surveys for professional scientists since 1987.

The Professional Scientist Employment and Remuneration Report contains base salary and total package salary information cross-referenced by the following criteria:

Responsibility Level

Sector of Employment

  • Private
  • Federal public service
  • State public service
  • Local government
  • Education
  • Research agencies

Years of Experience

Branch of science

  • Agricultural science
  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Computer science
  • Engineering
  • Environmental science
  • Geology
  • Marine science
  • Materials/Metallurgy
  • Microbiology
  • Medical science
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Veterinary science

Job Function

  • Analysis & testing
  • Research & development
  • Management
  • Teaching & training

State & Location

Highest scientific qualification


Industry of employment

Private sector turnover

The Professional Scientists Employment and Remuneration Report is published as a downloadable 60-page pdf containing in-depth analysis of Base Salary & Total Package across numerous variables, as well as a downloadable MS Excel spreadsheet. Purchasers receive access to both files, as well as access to an interactive online database to perform custom analyses via the Professionals Australia website all for one price.

The report is available for $330 (inc. GST). Overseas purchases are GST exempt, but a postage and handling fee of $10 applies. Professionals Australia members can purchase the report at the discounted rate of $99 (inc. GST), limited to one copy per member. The Report can be ordered online, via secure e-commerce. All amounts shown are in Australian dollars ($AUD).

All purchasers should familiarise themselves with the Terms and Conditions of purchase before ordering.

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For more information about the Professional Scientist Employment and Remuneration Report, contact:

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