Professionals Australia is proud to make available its major survey publications online for exclusive use by members and survey subscribers.

Knowing your market value is a benchmark to measure your current situation, and helps you make informed decisions. Our comprehensive salary calculators in engineering, science and IT give the most accurate market salary rate information available.

The salary calculators are fully-customised, interactive versions of the printed report, where the user selects their own categories, such as years of experience, sector, qualification, discipline, job function, industry and responsibility in combination, etc for analysis. The calculators can also identify where in the market a given base salary or percentile lies, by allowing a reverse search.

Professionals Australia members can make use of the salary calculators free of charge by logging in at the top right of the page. Non-members and survey subscribers can access the relevant calculator by purchasing the full survey report.  Visit the Salary Survey Reports page to order a survey report online or download a PDF form.