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Financial Planning for Pre-Retirement - WA

WA - Seminar
Date: Monday, 11 March 2013
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Location: SSTUWA (Trevor Lloyd Function Room) Level 3, 150-152 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth
Presenter: Kim Bailey
Intended Audience: 40+

As you plan for retirement, itís important to learn how you can use the wealth and assets you have accumulated throughout your life to help support yourself and those important to you in retirement.

Having a sound financial strategy before you retire can reduce your stress about finances, allowing you to focus on what comes next.

APESMA presents Financial Planning for Pre-Retirement; a free seminar for professionals.

This seminar will include topics such as:

  • ††† Superannuation
  • ††† Benefits of salary sacrifice
  • ††† Contribution types and limits
  • ††† Transition to retirement strategies
  • ††† Centrelink
  • ††† Non super wealth accumulation strategies
  • ††† Estate planning
  • ††† Managing debt

This Seminar Has Passed.